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Maine's Only All Star Dance & Tumbling Gym

Where Studio Dance Meets Dance Team

About Dynasty

Located in Biddeford Maine, we opened our doors in January of 2015. Over the years we have evolved into much more than your typical dance studio. We began phase one of our dance gym transition when we moved to our dream location in 2018. We are excited to rollout phase two for our 7th season. We are taking all of Dynasty's greatness from the last 6 years and turning it up a notch. So what's new? What should you be excited for? What does it mean to be a dance gym? 

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The Dynasty Difference

Believe in yourself, trust your dance --- CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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All-INclusive priciing

All of our teams & classes offer all-inclusive pricing. We are taking the estimated cost of everything needed to bring our athletes a wonderful dance experience and bundling the cost into an average monthly expense. Every month in the enrolled tuition year will be the same cost, with no additional fees.  This all inclusive tuition packaging allows our dance families to have a budget friendly dance year. 

Commitment levels

Dynasty has a class, a program or a team for your child. We have classes for those who want to build their skills and totally move at their own pace and speed. They are perfect for kids of all fitness and skill levels. We also have some pretty awesome competitive teams for those athletes who are looking for a team-based experience and enjoy the excitement of competition. Regardless of where you are in your dance journey, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into the Royal Family. 


Competitions are a safe space for dancers of all levels and at Dynasty we pride ourself in giving every dancer an opportunity to compete. Competitions provide many benefits that recreational dance classes cannot provide. It provides dancers with the fully rounded experience of taking dance steps from the studio, onto the big stage. Dancers learn to commit to rehearsal schedules and to work hard in class, knowing that every improvement will count on stage. On top of that it provides the benefits of judges feedback, exposure to seasoned professionals, organization and resilience. 


To increase athlete achievement, Dynasty is adapting new curriculum standards starting this season. Using our educational backgrounds, previous experience and the purchasing of several curriculums, we have designed personalized outlines for all of our teams/classes. Curriculum ensures a safe and cohesive learning process. It unites all of our staff and students with a shared vision, understanding and common language throughout the gym. 



You Belong Here

At Dynasty, dance is more than just movement. Dance is the unifying factor creating the Royal Family. Our community is what keeps our dancers coming back. We lean on and learn from each other.  We foster the spirit of self-discovery. We help our dancers find their role in our dance family. Each team, and our gym as a whole, thrives when each dancer knows their importance. We offer a home to all dancers. From the beginner recreational dancer to the pre-professional dancer looking to make a career out of dance. We have a place for everyone. When you join Dynasty, you join the Royal Family. A family where we have fun, build lifelong friendships, feel truly valued, and enjoy the space to discover your passions through movement. 

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